My Writing History:

I've been writing for a while. Since childhood, in fact. It started with half-finished, scribbled fiction manuscripts shoved under my twin bed back in Portland. Now I've pulled out my work from under the bed, scared as it is to be out here. Here are few places to catch my smatterings in cyberspace:

Where I'm Writing Now:
-  The Siders House Rules - on life, God, family and other things, since 2008
-  Burnside Writers Collective - pieces on the pain and beauty of mercy and hope
-  Live Action News - on the value and preservation of life

Where I used to write when I was just a wee little blogger:
-  Xanga as "Supasta81" 
-  myspace blog as "Newman"
 365 Dream Project - a former/modified challenge to dream daily, or almost daily

On Being a Writer:

Being a writer is a troublesome thing. A strange well that must always be pumped.

Sometimes it comes as a deluge with waterfall fury. It cannot be scheduled or timed. You must stop everything to channel it. Stop cooking, driving, sleeping. Stop and let the words flow. Your hands tire keeping up.

The rest of the time, you stand in the heat, in the cold, churning letters into words, pumping out meaningless sounds. You feel nothing.

But if you stand there long enough, something happens. The flow returns. It always does.

We are just here to receive it. We really can't take credit for the words that matter. They have a mind of their own. And we are their happy hosts.

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