Friday, August 20, 2010

28 weeks: The Babymoon

About two and a half days into our babymoon in northern California. Started in Napa on Wednesday after meeting up with friends. Needless to say, I only got to take deep inhales of the vineyard offerings. It was a worthy sacrifice, but difficult to be sure. Yesterday we spent the day in Bodega Bay and the surrounding area. We tried our hand at whale watching, but the fog prevented us from seeing far enough into the bay. One of our friends was willing to join me in the water, despite the sweater-demanding temperatures. Here's a few pics from the day:

Blair and I in the water - the brave ones.

The belly, now quite visible, thanks to the pop. Happened two weeks ago. There goes the wardrobe.

Josh and I at Goatrock Beach, near Bodega Bay. The water/weather were quite chilly, but a water baby's gotta get in. What could I do?