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If you're looking into private or state adoption, trying to place your own baby for adoption or making decisions about abortion, adoption or raising baby yourself, I hope you'll find this little catalog of resources helpful.

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I love the root meaning of adoption. I think this is exactly what Father God had in mind.
Adoption: mid-14c., from O.Fr. adopcion or directly from L. adoptionem (nom. adoptio), noun of action from pp. stem of adoptare "chose for oneself, take by choice, select, adopt," especially "to take into a family, adopt as a child," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + optare "choose, wish, desire" (see option).

To choose or select, to take by choice...choose, wish, desire. How it works when Father God brings us in. We were all orphans and He brought us into His family. "God sets the lonely in families, he leads forth the prisoners with singing..." Psalm 68:6. What a Good Good Father!

"My friends, adoption is redemption. It’s costly, exhausting, expensive, and outrageous. Buying back lives costs so much. When God set out to redeem us, it killed Him. And when He redeems us, we can’t even really appreciate or comprehend it, just like Dimitri will never comprehend or fully appreciate what is about to happen to him … but … he will live in the fruit of it. As his Daddy, I will never expect him to understand all of this or even to thank me. I just want to watch him live in the benefits of my love and experience the joys of being an heir in my family. This is how our heavenly “Papa” feels towards us. Today, settle your busy heart down and rest in the benefits of redemption. Enjoy the fruits of His goodness, and stop trying to “pay Him back”. You’ll never get close you goofy little kid."
- Derek Loux

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