Sunday, July 25, 2010


My friend/roommate, Rachel, has an excess of swimsuits like I have never seen. This is one that actually fits me. I put it on and suddenly felt the urge to don my little black heels and have a mini photo shoot. I figured I should take advantage of my camera-courage since these moments are usually short-lived. There was obviously no way I was going to post these on facebook, but since I have an almost purely female audience here, I felt a little safer. Here's what Josh captured from a couple minutes in our hallway. Just be aware, these are way too racy for a pregnant woman, and altogether unnecessary. But let's just call this, "Victoria Secret's 'Knocked Up'" swimsuit line.


The Navy Bean said...

How many people do you have living in that new house of yours?

Lindsey said...

You look great! Is your lotion regimen keeping away those stretch marks? Seriously though you are a very "cute" pregnant lady.

Sarah Siders said...

We have three people here this summer but only two in the fall.

I think the lotion is helping. I'm 25 weeks now so I guess we'll see.

Ica Marie said...

ahahahahahhahaa. Hehehehee. You are awesome and ridiculous. But you look great:) and you are ridiculous.
and awesome. hahaha. this is why you are my friend.